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2006 / LONDONから帰国
   Koichi Nishimura氏に師事
2009 / 独立
2012 / ザ・ボイスマネージメント所属


ELLE korea, VOGUE girl, IQONS magazine, 25ans, Fiercive, senken h, sweet, POPEYE, ELLE online, ELLE girl online, GISELe, sunrise book, Yogini, SCRIPT, GILT group, JIMON magazine(L.A), PLUS Netz(TOYOTA), NYLON JAPAN, GLAMOROUS, 装苑, RUNWAY channel, MEN’S CLUB, Union, COMMERCIAL PHOTO, 他

Y.M.Walts, BOBSON, SUZUKI TAKAYUKI(ikunna), HEyiNRHEyim, harukaze, Lelativement, mista mista, VANTAN, leur logette, HISUI, ARMED, plumpynuts, RYZA, Ka.na.ta, Nocturne#22InCSharpMinor,Op.Posth, Nell, kolor, AMS DESIGN, ABAHOUSE, sachio kawasaki, Red pepper, koyuki, as time goes by, LUV TIMMY, ESTIVO, FAKUI, uemulo munenori, MESCALITO, 阪急百貨店, THOPA, Limitless Luxury, made in HEVEN, DAILY NEWS, AGOSTO, BEDWIN&THE HEARTBREAKERS, actuel, WINTERPLANET WINGS, SmackyGlam, 2%TOKYO, CONSCIOUS DAY, KNIT IS CANVAS, SHIPS Khaju, 他

Ka na ta(JFW), Nocturne#22InCSharpMinor,Op.Posth, Hiroyuki Watanabe, PARCO Nagoya, au soleil, H.P.FRANCE BIJOUX, Lamborghini, YMO YNOT(China)


TEL:03-6427-0601  MAIL:info@thevoice.jp



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Photo Shinpei Iwasaki / Make Yousuke Toyoda(Rooster)

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