Brand new creator portal site

Creator inspiration log [CILOG] works for creators (photographers, stylists, hair and make-up)announced the acquisition of new inspiration, is a web site with the aim of the formation of mutual communication.

Although you have probably realized that everyone on daily basis, the diffusion of information on the Internet will continue to reach the people overturned altogether, such as speed, the common sense so far. CILOG, the more work a day of work or to use this network was maintained than that of an everyday nor is it as work, multiplied by the budget and effort about their works in the exhibition as blogs, high-quality was born as a media for presentation easily.

That is, lowering the threshold, easier and more widely spread, such as the announcement of the history of interaction with the customers come and work there work in the exhibition and presentation, is that Let’s do on the web.

This leads to rather than a book that everyone has to archive the work of creators was common so far, going to disseminate the work widely as digital media appropriate to Information society.
At that time, the policy to eliminate the ads to the site, We made it possible to work only seeing purely beautiful.

And, in the wake of this site, the media cross-border or set eyes on the work of more creative, and get the formation and communication with the creator did not know so far, the source of inspiration for the work. The goal is through the Internet, and originator of the work of the creators of the Japanese base to the world.
Cross-border through the media of the Internet, The goal is intended to be a base for To present works of the creators of Japan to the world.

Creative director Kazuya Okamoto
Media cordinator Asuka Matsuoka

Innovation CILOG

Know the “now” of the creator

Own up-and-coming creators who are active at home and abroad, the latest update information.
You will be able to get instant information without time lag.
In addition, the press release that will be delivered on a regular basis, also plays a role in the introduction of the Creator to know now.

Stress-free access

You can also get more information to the creators also was anxious, from the official site and e-mail address, etc., contact immediately.
In addition, the integration with Facebook page, up to now, unlike the sharing of information within the site of CILOG enables the possibility of communication with the client is a new born.

Inspiration from the work of fine

CILOG creators to participate in is the only person working in the front line of the industry everyone.
High-quality work group will also be a source of inspiration for visitors.

In CILOG, We are looking for creative professionals from time to time for which you wish to participate.
Those who wish to participate, please contact us from The inquiry form.
Will guide the detailed Admissions.